Why YEM?


     What’s new in YEM? What makes this organization different from any other 100 NGO’s that care for the same goals?

     Young’s Elite Movement wants to gather the most capable young men from every area of the country to conceive and implement national projects with major impact. Even though we support building new track cyclist, the social responsibility and environmental protection, our goal is to aim much higher. We want to be a foundation stone for the reconstruction of Romania.

     We’re not “just another rebellious teenagers” who curse the president or blames a party. We don’t channel our efforts into street protests or in creating workshops where we’d debate the stray dogs problem or injected food. We shall act on higher level, we shall go further than any others who tried. We shall be an indestructible force in front of political pressures, threats and blackmails. We shall repair, build, improve. Our goal is not to destroy, to accuse that all things are wrong, that all politicians are bad, corrupt or bad motivated.

     Our goal is a beautiful, rich and flourish Romania, enviable in the whole world, a place that we shall proudly pass legacy to our children.

     Why “Young’s Elite Movement”? ? Because young have the enthusiasm required to start a fight apparently impossible to win. Because young always have an open mind, high creativity and not least, because young never give in to threats, indeed they get even more motivated in achieving their goals and ideals that they believe in.

     Why “elite” ? Because you need elite to rich the highest goals. Because only an elite can look beyond the daily problems and concerns and can resist in front of a big octopus, without making a conspiracy theory. Because only stately things can arouse from an elite and not least because mediocrity will never change something in good.

     Together, the 2 terms define best the purpose of this association : channel the enthusiasm and the rebel, critical and always dissatisfied spirit of young into creative, constructive projects and activities serving the civic and economic reconstruction of the country.