YEM’s vision


     We live in a paradox : Romania is a rich country as resources go (both natural and human) but we are a poor people.

   We’re atypical, we do not live within the Western civilizations patterns : we have an ancestral well pronounced property spirit, we have luxurious cars but no money for insurance, we have a pregnant entrepreneurial spirit, creative, inventive, but we don’t produce nothing, we import almost everything. Almost 20% of Romanians decided to leave the country to start a new life in better conditions.

   Politics are a personal business, a war field for different gangs. It’s a method to drain public money, impoverishing it deepen into external debts.

   Everything is transparent, with "small" exceptions in essential points. Criminal liability it’s a variable which depends on leading parties and money influence.

   YEM ask itself “How can we emerge from this situation?”.

   In our vision, Romania should have a stronger economy than Norway, a civilized people than Germans and a more advanced technology than US.

   Obviously, today this things seem an utopia, but the fact that we look with disbelief any attempt on a MEDIUM TERM to make something good out of this country and we surrender to the “It’s not possible”, idea is actually the cancer of the Romanian society. They are not to blame the people who steal, who have “the power” to do anything, who benefit themselves from political positions, but the people who think that nothing can be done and they are indeed “powerless”.

   We know it’s not easy but we strongly believe that anything is possible and that in time we will start to see more of “we can” rather than “it can’t be done” and together we shall accomplish great things for Romania.