What we do?


    No matter the nature of our activities, the purpose of projects or their founding nature, we remain consistent to our organization vision and statute, strictly respecting the following principles :

   ♦ We don’t accept any money, favor, commercial or any other benefit if it comes with a constraint, an obligation or a pressure over us;


   ♦ We don’t associate our image with and political party, we don’t sustain or promote nobody’s political image;


   ♦ The selection criteria for our team, along with competence, obviously, is integrity. Morality and common sense are also highly important.

No matter what, no matter how many achievement or failures we’ll have, we will never betray this principles.

   Just like a human’s life, the Association activity can have better or worse periods, highly conclusive projects and other not very successful. Before criticizing or launching accusation, try to put yourself in our position and ask yourself : how would you have done it?
   If you can answer sincere and you find an alternative or an improvement for the organization activity, do not hesitate to communicate us.