We have natural resources, we have a good geographical position, we have human resources and we have bright minds to lead us. However, Romania ranks at the bottom of almost all economic charts and has a very bleak future regarding economic growth. Without getting into details and listing all the factors that causes this situation, we only want to point out one aspect : human and natural resources of our country are being used in an export from which only foreigners benefits. Romania is currently in a vicious circle in which we depend on those who dictate us to deepen into debts. This rat race where any idea or long term plan to sedition against the system or any strategic idea to free our nation from debts is driven to a fail right from the beginning by the need of money for the next day. From the laborer to skilled labor or even politicians, the rat race which holds the “work to live, live to work” motto guide our lives.

              Jokes, anecdotes or corner street’s little stories regarding the “nowhere is like here” slogan are more and more popular. Everywhere we hear expression like “only here something like that is possible” or “nothing can surprise you here, we have it all” regarding unpleasant situations from our public and social life. It’s like we’ve all agreed that our faith is doomed, that Romanians can’t be more civilized, more productive, more honest or more polite. Discussions about countries like Germany, Sweden of England are often accompanied with interior sighs like when you remember an old classmate that now has a lot of money and a very good standard of living and you know that once you were at the same level or even you were better than him. It’s the sigh of resignation, the one that eventually allows you to sleep at night and not fuss to the edge of madness thinking that you are better, and also the one who whisper the “he got lucky” thought.

              Japan was almost completely destroyed in the WWR II. Atomic bombs, thousand of other bombs, 1 million civilians and over 2 million soldiers killed. The country, who before the war wasn’t exactly on the heights of civilizations and financial progress, suffered enormous losses in all domains. Almost 70 years later, having scarce natural resources and terrible unfavorable natural conditions, often devastated by earthquakes or tsunamis, managed to become one of the biggest world power of today.

             “A significant natural resource would be Japan's education system and labor force. These are one of the reasons for Japan's economic success. Most of Japan's supplies are imported due to the lack of natural resources on the island. Japan does not have sufficient natural energy resources for its own needs. It's the world's largest importer of coal and liquefied natural gas, and the second largest importer of oil.” (

              Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands and many other disadvantaged countries regarding natural resources, through a good management of economy and a well-thought strategic plan, managed to get to world’s elite economies. Our country has everything it needs, our only enemy is self-limitation.

              The economic freedom right was stolen from us, psychological barriers have been implanted in our minds and we have been driven to the state of a donkey who only sees the carrot in front of him and from time to time the carrot gets closer so the sniff would get stronger in order to keep us going. What we have been let to think that is impossible it’s actually in our grasp : Romanians can be more civilized, more productive, can be transparent and uncorrupted, can work for our country and can achieve anything they set their minds to. We have come to believe that as a nation, Romanians have only negative features, that we are at the bottom of modern society and that we can’t achieve more. We are our own enemies.

              All the things that you see everyday and that you think that should work different, all the inaccuracies of the system that you notice, all the bugs and all the slowly bureaucratic processes, everything can be transformed, changed, improved. If there is something that we don’t lack about is the critical sense. Everywhere you find things to criticize, from the decisions of the national football team coach, to the monetary policy or driving rules. This critical sense must by channelized into constructive things, we must change the destructive idea of envy, malice, the spirit of “If I go down, I’ll take you with me” into positive constructive ideas meant to help the civic and economic progress of Romania.

              On a long term, we propose to help ourselves, to rise as a nation from slavery and become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, if not the world’s leader in 70 years. We aim to remain in history as the birthstone foundation to Romania modern reconstruction, to be the ones who give the tone to patriotic channelize of the civic spirit for the national wealth that is to be inherited by our children and grandchildren. On a short term, we want to create and consolidate the platform that is needed for the great minds to gather around. To reunite under the same patriotic civic spirit those who share our ideas, who believe that the change starts with everyone, who want to live something behind and who realize the tragic situation where we are.

              This is how Young’s Elite Movement was born, maybe to late, maybe to early, but definitely needed. We don’t have other solution but to be grateful for the natural resources and potential that Romania has and get to work, gather around and work together, put our intellectual skills that we have in service of our country and leave bequest to our children and grandchildren a country as we want it : a beautiful, rich, flourish Romania, enviable in the whole world.


The future is near!